One of the realities for all musicians young or not, is travel with an instrument. For students and teachers traveling to us here are some options for getting an instrument while you are attending the Colorado Chamber Music Institute.

Note as of 4/13/22: All rental instruments through Robertson & Sons Violin Shop must be prearranged by end of day, Friday, May 27th.

1) Bring your own:  The most reliable is to bring your own instrument, bow, all your own appliances such as shoulder rest, chin rest, rosin, end pin stop, etc. If you are flying, many instruments will fit into the overhead bins as a carry on.  For larger instruments such as full size cello or basses another option is to own, borrow, or rent a travel case and check the instrument.

2) Rent instruments from Robertson Violins: New this year you can now rent a violin, viola or cello from Robertson Violins. All rentals MUST be prearranged by Friday, May 27th. To reserve an instrument, use the form below. Adjustment to a rental instrument is always easier if you are playing with your own bow so plan to bring your bow with you and end pin stop.

Rental Forms Through Robertson & Sons Violin Shop (Violin $40, Viola $40, Cello $75): 

Please Read First: Instructions for Rentals Through Robertson & Sons Violin Shop

Rental Contract for Robertson & Sons Violin Shop

3) Ship your own instrument to your hotel:  Keep the packing material and then repack and arrange return shipping to your home via USP or FedEx pickup at your hotel when you depart. All hotels will assist you and hold your instrument in a secure location until you arrive.  Robertson Violins has produced very helpful videos to show how to pack your instrument for safe travels. Plan ahead so that you and your instrument arrive safely.


Robertson and Sons Violins from Albuquerque, NM will be available during both sessions for violin, viola, cello, and bass.

The repair shop offers:

  • same-day bow rehairing
  • reshaping, grips
  • resetting of bridges and replacement
  • fingerboard dressing, gluing cracks and openings
  • varnish touchup
  • sound post replacement
  • tonal adjustment
  • other minor repairs