Our unique teen lodge housing offers students ages 13-18 the opportunity to connect with other musicians from across North America and beyond. Guided by a trained team of counselors to ensure your child’s safety and well-being, all CCMI students will participate in the teen lodge and therefore get to experience the beauty and joy of Colorado together. Each student will have their own bed and share a room with other teen lodge participants. Hiking, swimming, campfires, movie nights, and a ski lift ride to the top the mountain are just some of the activities they will get to enjoy together.

Travel, Teen Lodge Guidelines & Information

Be sure to arrange your travel so that you arrive at the check in desk for the Institute meeting at 4:00. If this is not possible due to airlines schedules, contact the institute office to arrange arrival. Also remember that we are 2 hours away from the Denver airport as you make your travel arrangements. For those flying, we work with the Epic Mountain Express shuttle company and the shuttle ride up to Beaver Creek is about 2 or 2.5 hours. When coordinating flights, they require about an hour between a flight arrival and a shuttle departure, so there is time to collect baggage. When departing, the shuttle requires 2 hours between the shuttle drop off and a departure flight, so shuttle timing must be considered when booking the flight.

Travel Parents/Teen: If the teen is traveling with his/her parents, please be sure to arrive in Beaver Creek in time for the 4:00 welcome meeting on Friday. Students can keep their luggage with them for the welcome meeting. After the meeting they take a short walk to the teen lodge and check into their rooms. 

Shuttle Company. Book through this link for discount: Epic Mountain Express Shuttle

Travel (Teen Only): If the teen is participating in the Teen Lodge  and traveling alone into the Denver airport, we provide an OPTIONAL service where we can arrange to meet the student at the airport and make sure they catch the correct Epic Mountain Express shuttle service. When they arrive in Beaver Creek, we will have someone waiting to meet them when they get off the shuttle. On their return home, we can arrange to have them catch the Epic Mountain Express shuttle service from Beaver Creek to the airport, meet them at the airport as they get off the shuttle, make sure they check into the proper airline, and get into the security line at the airport.

In order to take advantage of this service, you must submit a Teen Travel Assistance Form and pay the $200 fee so we can arrange when and where to meet your teen and make sure they get to the right place! The family of the student is required to make all air travel and shuttle arrangements with Epic Mountain Express shuttle service. Use this link to schedule Epic Mountain Express Shuttle.  Colorado Institute of Music will not arrange or pay for any of the student’s air travel or Epic Mountain Express shuttle travel. 


Check Out:

Check out is after breakfast on Saturday between 8:00 and 10:00 am.  Remember that we are two hours away from the Denver airport as you make your travel arrangements. Be sure to arrive at least 2 hours early to the airport in order to get through security in time to catch your flight.

At check out, each student will inspect the condition of the room along with a Teen counselor and Beaver Creek Lodging staff.  Any damages incurred during the student’s stay will be the responsibility of the student.


What to bring?: June weather in the mountains of Colorado can range from the 30’s to the 80’s. Packing layered clothing is the safest bet in order to keep warm in the evenings and mornings, and cool in the afternoon sunshine. There is also always a chance of a daily shower.

  • layered clothing: warm fleece jacket/sweaters/long pants AND tee-shirts/shorts/skirts
  • sturdy shoes
  • concert clothes: white and black shirts (no sleeveless), and black bottoms (ladies, below the knee skirts please) including black socks/stockings and shoes
  • water bottle
  • sun hat and winter hat & gloves
  • rain jacket & umbrella for afternoon showers
  • sunscreen
  • swimsuit


Altitude Awareness: At high elevation it is important to care for oneself appropriately. Drinking lots of water is imperative for hydration. Letting oneself get adjusted properly to the altitude before engaging in rigorous physical activity is also important. This can take a couple of days. Altitude sickness can be quite serious and can lead to days of recovery. Please be sure to take appropriate self-care steps right off the bat!

Meals:   Meals will be provided to each student as part of the program. Meals will begin with dinner on Friday and continue through breakfast on Saturday.

Money:  Students should bring a small amount of spending money.

Evening Activities:  After the nightly musical events are over, there are scheduled activities such as hikes, movies in the teen lounge, and more. Be sure to bring the appropriate clothing to enjoy these activities.

Illness: If you are too ill to attend class, notify a counselor. If you get ill during class, tell your teacher and then go to the Institute front desk. A staff member will be sure to get you the appropriate care you need. Students who are ill enough to miss class or rehearsals are expected to remain in their room.

Forms:  Both parents and students participating in the Teen Lodge program are required to read and sign the Code of Conduct and complete the Health Form in order to attend.