Students must be between the age of 13 and 18 years as of June 1st and play Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar or Flute. Minimum performance levels for trained applicants are as follows:

  • Violin Sonata in F Major by Handel
  • Viola Concerto in G Major by Telemann
  • Cello Danse Rustique by Squire
  • Guitar Rondeau, Op.48, No. 6 by Fernando Sor
  • Flute Flute Sonata in F Major by Handel, or Tambourin by Gossec

Along with a completed application, your audition video should include:

  • A 3-octave scale of your choice
  • One or two solo selections (with accompaniment is preferred, but not required) demonstrating varying technical and musical skills.

Please click here to download directions for posting audition videos to YouTube

Tips When Recording:

  • Make sure the camera shows full view of the student’s body posture.
  • Use a tripod if at all possible for a steady video quality
  • Observe sounds in the background. Distracting noises such as a dog barking or a siren blaring make it difficult to hear the tone of the musician!
  • Check the quality of sound of the recording equipment. Make sure it accurately depicts the good tone and intonation of the student for a more successful entry.
  • View the light contrast. Check that the performer is not standing as a silhouette against a bright light or a window. Darker backgrounds provide a better contrast.

Before Sending in Your Video/Application:

  • Preview the recording via YouTube using the URL address you have copy/pasted into the application form. Check for these criteria:
    Is there sound?
    Is there a picture?
    Are the notes & rhythms correct?
    Is the solo performed without stopping?
  • Submit the audition form making sure to include the YouTube video address so that it is received along with the teacher recommendation form from your teacher by the deadline.
  • Late auditions can be accepted as alternates. If a previously accepted student can’t attend we will contact alternates to fill the spot.